Initial investment: 7500 EUR, as 50% shall be recovered if the restaurant opens in 1 year of signing the contract.
Monthly fee: 8% of turnover + 4,5 % for marketing
Additional investment: from 80 000 to 120 000 EUR
Terms of the contract: 20 years
Industry: Food


Become a franchise partner of SUBWAY, the largest restaurant chain in the world with over 40 000 sites in 100 countries. The company was founded in 1965 and the first franchise restaurant opened in 1974. SUBWAY provides a healthy alternative to the traditional fast food and fried foods.

With the increasingly dynamic lifestyle, customers change and their eating habits. More and more people prefer to eat on the go between tasks, rather than to spend time and money for a long lunch. On the other hand, young and modern thinking people are more and more cautious about the food they eat, and seek opportunities to eat healthy.

As a franchise partner of SUBWAY you can work under the name of a true global giant with a low initial investment for the industry. The company opened 31 restaurants in Bulgaria for four years and signed contracts for the opening of another. After the implementation of these businesses SUBWAY will be the largest restaurant chain in Bulgaria.

The training of the manager is within 2 weeks and depending on the language he/she speaks it could be made in France, Germany, Russia, the U.S. or Dubai respectively. Every business partner receives the full know-how and all the necessary support in the construction of the restaurant throughout the terms of the contract.

The SUBWAY chain enjoys a very positive and most importantly, distinguishable from competing restaurants image. Customers associate the chain with a delicious, quality and healthy food. In fact, it is the freshness, quality and wholesomeness of the offered foods are the key competitive advantage, which obviously the customers manage to detect as well. This makes the SUBWAY franchise one of the most attractive opportunities for starting a new business in Bulgaria.

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