About us

About us

The Bulgarian Franchise Associationфранчайз_експо is a national professional organization of franchisors.

The main objective of the Association is to build confidence in the franchise business in Bulgaria, andpromote the benefitsof franchising over the traditional way of starting a new business by organizing seminars and trainings, sharing of best practices.

The founders of the Association are leading companies in the country that offer and develop a successful franchise business – from representatives of the real estate market – Address, ERA, RE/MAX and Foros, through restaurants and fast food chains Happy, Subway and Fornetti, to the second-hand clothes chain Mania and the innovative online marketing consultants Internetreklama.bg.

Structure of the organization

In accordance with the Statute, the Bulgarian Franchise Association is governed by the General Assembly, managed by a Management Board and is represented by the Chairman of the Association.

All members take part in the General Assembly (the supreme body of the Association) in person or by representative.

The Management Board shall be elected by the General Assembly for a term of three years and consists of 5 persons:

1. Franchise name: Internetreklama.bg
Name of manager: SvetoslavBilyarski
2. Franchise name: Mania Stores
Name of manager: SevdalinSpasov
3. Franchise name: Re/Max Bulgaria
Name of manager: Igor Ovakimyan
4. Franchise name: Address
Name of manager: Stefan Petrov
5. Franchise name: Foros
Name of manager: DobromirGanev

The President of the Association is also aPresident of the Board and is elected by the General Assembly for a period of three years. For President of the BFA is elected Mr. Svetoslav Biliarsky.