Bulgarian Franchise Association

The Bulgarian Franchise Association is a nonprofit organization that brings together franchisors operating on the Bulgarian market. The Association was founded in 2013 and its mission is to inform the public about the nature and importance of franchising and successful representatives of this form of business. We cooperate with professional and specialized organizations in and outside the country.

BFA was established by large, well -known companies: Subway, Fornetti, RE/MAX, Mania , Happy Bar & Grill, Foros , Address , Internetreklama.bg and ERA.

The aim of the Bulgarian Franchise Association is:

  • to strengthen the trust in the franchise business model and promote it as a successful model to start and develop your own business with lowest risk;
  • to help entrepreneurs to start a business using the proven franchise model of the most successful franchisors in Bulgaria;
  • to cooperate with international and national associations, consultants, and exhibitions to support the development of Bulgarian franchises abroad;
  • to organize courses and seminars, as well as to support the resolving of conflicts between franchisors and franchisees;
  • to have proven and successfully built business models as members in order to develop the complete image of franchising in Bulgaria.

The Association accepts members by strict criteria for membership – franchisors who do offer to their franchisees tested business model, training and ongoing support.