Programs and services

Programs and services

Association organizes seminars and courses for both franchisors and franchisees.

The workshops will help to identify the needs of franchisors (institutional support, legal advice, etc.) associated with lack of information or difficulty in accessing it and insufficient understanding of the benefits of supporting the image of franchising in Bulgaria.

The trainings for franchisees aim to help entrepreneurs to identify successful and best suited for them franchises, to evaluate the proposed franchise package and the risk in terms of competitors, customers, location and more.

BFA provides services and support in case of disputes with the franchisor.

List of the courses:

For future Franchisees

  • Become a Franchisee

Creating networks (Franchisors)

  • Creation and development of a franchise chain
  • The art of attraction of Franchisees

Building networks

  • Organization and control of the franchise management
  • Trainings and transferring of know-how to the Franchisees

Directing and managing Franchisees in difficult situations