Initial investment: Depends on the specific franchise
Monthly fee: Depends on the specific franchise
Additional investment: Office equipment
Terms of the contract: 5 years
Industry: Real Estate

RE/MAX is an international company with 40 years of experience and traditions in the field of real estate, the most successful franchise network of agencies with market presence in more than 95 countries in the world, with over 6,481 offices.

RE/MAX is the only real estate company, which is included in the 2001 book by Howard Rothman – “50 Companies That Changed the World”, presenting the most influential companies the planet.

Franchise with RE/MAX means:

  • Building a successful business with independent management and ownership, but with the overall support of RE/MAX;
  • Imposed world famous brand – active marketing and advertising amounting to $ 1 billion a year, advertising at a regional level in 33 countries in Europe as well as at a national level – in Bulgaria;
  • Proven marketing concept – continuous growth and development – each month new business partners join the network of RE/MAX;
  • Innovation and technology – the only satellite channel in the real estate industry – RNS RE/MAX Satellite Network; Intranet platform of the global network for exchange of experience, references, news in real time with more than 96,089 business partners – RE/MAX Mainstreet; network of sites with access to a global database of offers of RE/MAX with options for search in 33 languages ​​–;
  • The best investment in education, training and qualifications conducted remotely or on site by the best lecturers from around the world, personal trainings, self-study programs, DVD and online training (RE/MAX Mainstreet, RE/MAX University®), supporting you not only to start your business, but also to continuously improve professionally;
  • Attractive price for buying a franchise, which guarantees the development of stable, long-term real estate business internationally;
  • Rapid return on investment;

RE/MAX continues to be a leader in the creation and development of new programs, technologies and training to maximize success in their partners and help them remain at the forefront of the race.


Become part of the global market of Real Estate with RE/MAX!

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