Initial investment: 9000 BGN
Monthly fee: 6 % of profit
Additional investment: None
Terms of the contract: 5 + 5 years
Industry: Business services


With the franchise of Kiberman you have the opportunity to start a business as a consultant in online marketing. This is a business that is rapidly growing not only in Bulgaria but also in the world – your services are needed by all companies, entrepreneurs, government institutions, public organizations and public figures. This franchise is suitable for active and entrepreneurial people, and experience in the field is optional. The initial fee includes the necessary education and training, which will turn you into a highly qualified internet marketing consultant – in the areas of promoting in Internet, websites optimization and leading them to the first ranks in Google, building a complete online reputation, direct marketing, social networks marketing, etc.

The main part of your job as a franchise partner of Kiberman is finding and consulting clients who need promotion on the web. Your potential customers are all companies that operate on your territory – each manufacturer, importer or distributor, factory, shop, restaurant, hotel, media, real estate, private medical practice, etc. You do not have to perform any specific activity yourself: programming, design, link building, etc. (this is a concern of our selected subcontractors).

By becoming a partner of, you would get exclusive rights for a territory and you would be our only representative there. For larger cities it is estimated to have one representative for every 200 000 people. It is important to note that even if they are attracted by the central office, clients from your area would be served by you. The monthly fee for the use of the brand, the exclusive rights, the centralized support and national advertising is 6% of the turnover. aims to build Bulgaria’s first national network of online marketing consultants. We are convinced that the future of business is in the retail chains, which will leave the “sole proprietorship” in the past. Internet is way too powerful and dynamic environment for entrepreneurs to capitalize on its opportunities by using the services of neighbors or friends, as it is common practice at the moment. This is the first reason not to start this business alone, but as part of a chain that invests in know-how and development of new services. Second is the advantage that the national chain brings prestige, which can often cause customers to choose its services before those of independent specialists or local companies.

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