Happy Bar & Grill

Happy Bar & Grill


Initial investment:  50 000 EUR
Monthly fee:  5% of turnover + from 2% to 4% advertising fee
Additional investment:  from 400 000 to 600 000 EUR
Terms of the contract:  1 year with renewal
Industry: Food

Happy Bar & Grill, the most popular Bulgarian chain of restaurants, has the ambitious goal of becoming the most preferred in Europe. Carry the unique Happy atmosphere anywhere in the world by becoming their franchisee.

The business model of Happy can provide each partner with the opportunity for successful business. The company develops positive, beneficial and profitable relationships with franchisees.

Happy is interested in opening franchise units in the neighboring countries of Bulgaria: Romania, Turkey, Serbia and Macedonia, and also in Russia, Ukraine. In the country, the chain is looking for franchise partners for Stara Zagora and Blagoevgrad.

The success of Happy is due to the excellent know-how and the power of the trademark.

The franchise restaurants should be located at the top location in the city center, on the pedestrian area with the largest flow of people and it must have a porch. If the place is not on the pedestrian zone, it has to have a separate parking. The size of suitable premises is at least 350 square meters, and, of course, it must meet all legal requirements for catering establishment or to be able to reconstruct it in order to cover them. The minimum height of the rooms is 3 meters.

By the Franchise team of Happy you receive full support in the selection of facilities, equipment, suppliers, development of project for the construction of your restaurant and full training of manager which lasts 60 days and gives knowledge about the basic operations in the restaurants of Happy.

The Franchise team of Happy starts each day focused on the success of its franchise model. Their goal is to be among the best franchisors in the food industry. The most valuable in the unique business model of Happy is the ability to quickly and easily be replicated and franchisees can most quickly return their investment.


For more information: http://happy.bg and http://franchising.bg