Fornetti Bulgaria

Fornetti Bulgaria

Initial investment: None
Monthly fee: None
Additional investment: 5 000 лв
Terms of the contract: Non-term contract
Industry: Food

Franchise with Fornetti

Fornetti offers its partners to start their own business with a quick return on investment, safe and long-term profitability, with low initial investment and without initial and monthly fees. The main requirement is to have a commercial site.

The Hungarian company exists since 1997 as throughout the world it has more than 7000 sites and since 2007 only in Bulgaria 305 bakeries of Fornetti have opened doors.

The additional investment is needed for initial repair and equipment of the site with freezer chests, scales and cash register. The special oven of Fornetti is provided free of charge.

The franchise partners of Fornetti receive free advertising support, internal and external design of the commercial sites, branded clothing and organization of tastings.


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