Initial investment: From 990 €, and for professionals in the industry – for free
Monthly fee:  Minimum fixed fee – a single participation in a deal is enough to secure it
Additional investment: For branding and office equipment
Terms of the contract:  3 + 3 years
Industry: Real Estate


Affordable, flexible, liberal franchise for independent and open-minded partners.

ADDRESS develops a network of partners, which promotes the mutual exchange of clients and offers, providing the opportunity for more transactions. The company works with corporate clients with interests in Real Estate throughout the whole country. ADDRESS is seeking to forge closer business, working and friendly relationships with its partners, which ensures a high level of trust and successful joint deals.

For a small fixed monthly fee, which can be covered even with one realized rent deal, you get:

  1. Presentation of your offers in the leading real estate website, as well as in many other websites for free or with significant discounts that ADDRESS negotiates for you;
  2. The proven ADDRESS brand – the company with the strongest brand in the real estate industry in Bulgaria, according to the global organization Superbrand for 5 years in the period 2007-2012.
  3. Access to the  integrated information system with all offers of the national network of ADDRESS.
  4. Opportunity to apply the most advanced approaches in the property sales, offering a complex service – providing credit, intermediation, property insurance.

What we expect from our franchise partners :

  1. Good experience, successful business and satisfied customers;
  2. Entrepreneurial spirit and desire to achieve success;
  3. Desire to devote time and effort to the daily work on management and functioning of a Real Estate office, team management, and high standard of customer service.

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